VT Test -  MODULE 7

Q7-1 A 50.0 lb can of welding electrodes weighs how many kg?

a. 227 kg
b. 25 kg
c. 22.7 kg
d. 23,000 kg
e. none of the above

Q7-2 A weld joint is measured and found to be 345 mm long. How long is that joint in terms of

a. 135 in.
b. 13.58 in.
c. 8760 in.
d. 876 in.
e. 13.0 in

Q7-3 What is the wire feed speed that is measured to be 175 idmin?

a. 0.070 m/s
b. 74.0 mm/s
c. 7.4 mm/s
d. 70 mm/s
e. 75 mmls

Q7-4 Which of the following are the proper base unit(s) for linear measurement in the U.S. system?

a. yard
b. inch
c. foot
d. mile
e. all of the above

Q7-5 What is the base unit (according to AWS) for measuring mass in the SI system?

a. meter
b. kilogram
c. megapascal
d. liter
e. none of the above

Q7-6 A gas flow rate of 30 cfh is what in Umin?

a. 1.4 !/min
b. 14 !/min
c. 140 !/min
d. 64 Umin
e. 640 !/min

Q7-7 The metric system, or SI, is far more complicated than the U.S. system.

a. true
b. false

Q7-8 Many U.S. industries presently use the SI.

a. true
b. false

Q7-9 To be most effective, the U.S. worker must know which measurement system?

a. metric
b. SI
c. U.S. customary
d. all of the above

Q7-i0 AWS has mandated the requirement that the metric system be used.

a. true
b. false

Q7-11 AWS has prepared a guide for aiding the transition to metrication. Its designation is:

a. D1.l
b. Section VI11
c. A3.0
d. Al.l
e. none of the above

Q7-12 Which of the following countries are not officially on the SI system?

a. Japan
b. Britain
c. Mexico
d. Australia
e. United States

Q7-13 In the U.S. customary system, what is the base unit ounce used to measure?

a. mass
b. volume
c. all of the above
d. distance

Q7-14 The U.S. system of measurement is based on powers of 10.

a. true
b. false

Q7-15 Pressure and tensile strength are measured in the SI using what as the base unit?

a. liter
b. meter
c. pascal
d. newton
e. hertz

Q7-16 A regulator indicates 50 psi of gas pressure. What is this in kPa?

a. 7.25 kPa
b. 725 kPa
c. 345 kPa
d. 3.45 kPa
e. 3,450 kPa

Q7-17 Deposition rate is measured in what units in the U.S. and SI systems?

a. kg
b. lb
c. kg/hr
d. lb/hr
e. c and d above

Q7-18 When rounded to the nearest tenths, what is 4,532.182?

a. 4,532.1
b. 4,532.18
c. 4,532
d. 4,532.2
e. 4,530

Q7-19 A material having a tensile strength of 8.5 x 104 psi has what value in megapascals?

a. 5.9 x 106 MPa
b. 5.86 x 103 MPa
c. 58 MPa
d. 586MPa
e. all of the above

Q7-20 A material having a tensile strength of 700 MPa has what value 111 ps

a. 10.150 psi
b. 101.50 psi
c. 1,015 psi
d. 101,500 psi
e. 1,015 x 108 psi



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